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We offer International Pathway programs to our Indian students making them value adding and affordable

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Aura Pathway is an initiative of Aura Educational Consulting

Aura Education is a leading International EdTech company with presence in India, USA & UK and is in the executive/student education space. We are a platform that connects and bridges the universities, both in India and Internationally to build online and tech-based programmes focusing on skill augmentation of working professionals, students who wish to learn abroad who can benefit from these programmes.

Aura Educational Consulting offers varied choices in graduate, under-graduate, post-graduation, management and technology programs from reputed universities, colleges and institutes, nationally and internationally.

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Aura Pathway is a path breaking credit transfer program that enables Indian students to legally take credit transfer from their Indian education to international education programs. Credit transfer is officially allowed by Indian education institution under the new NEP (National Education Policy) framework.

We work with International Universities and Colleges to curate programs suiting the Indian students.

These programs are affordable, value adding Pathway programs

    • Get your CV shortlisted for the right fitment, while you are here in India.
    • Choose a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) course with a University in USA.
    • Complete 2 terms (1 year) if you are a Master’s student or 2 or 4 terms (1 or 2 years) if you are a Bachelor’s student, here in India and the balance 2 terms (1 year) for Master’s & 2 or 4 terms (1 or 2 years) for Bachelor’s at the University campus in USA.
    • Get your OPT (Optional Practical Training) option in the USA and you will be able to work up to 3 years after course completion.
    • You will also have the option of working part time (CPT - Curricular Practical Training), while you are doing your 1 year Master’s and 1 or 2 years Bachelor’s completion in the USA university campus.

    • Students will get a USA Master’s or Bachelor’s degree with 1 year for Master’s & 1 or 2 years for Bachelor’s in Indian University Campus and 2nd year for Master’s and 3rd and 4th year for Bachelors at the University campus in USA.
    • Substantial cost savings in the overall Master’s & Bachelor’s degree program. 1+1 Master’s & 3+1 or 2+2 Bachelor’s program will be 40-50% cheaper as compared to doing 2 years or 4 years of full time at USA University.
    • Staying cost in USA which anywhere between 8-12 lacs per year depending on the city and choice of stay.
    • Staying cost in USA which anywhere between 8-12 lacs per year depending on the city and choice of stay.


International PATHWAY Programs

Aura Pathway currently engages with Universities / Colleges in the USA for credit transfer programs.

We will also be bringing Universities and Colleges in UK, Canada & Germany in the near future.

Current Pathway programs are available with our USA University / College partners All our programs are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematic) category programs that allows students to graduate and LEAGALLY work in USA under CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) & OPT (Optional Practical Training)

For Bachelor’s Programs

Currently we offer 2+2 (complete 2 years in India and remaining 2 years in USA University campus with USA degree) and 3+1 (complete 3 years in India and remaining 1 year in USA University campus with USA degree)

2+2 or 3+1 in Business Management
2+2 or 3+1 in IT / Computer Science / Technology
2+2 or 3+1 in Healthcare Management

For Master’s Programs

Currently we offer 1+1 (complete 1 year in India and remaining 1 year in USA University campus with USA degree)

1+1 in Business Management
1+1 in IT / Computer Science / Technology
1+1 in Healthcare Management

For Universities

Aura Pathway programs offers phenomenal strategic and business value add to Indian Educational Institutions like Universities, Academy’s offering Business Management programs, Schools etc. Indian students and parents’ aspirations have grown multiple fold. Today they can afford international education. Today’s Indian students are global citizens. Today’s Indian educational institutions have to keep pace with these changing aspirations and needs of the Indian students and their parents. All these, needs considerable investments and efforts to meet their demands and aspirational needs. Bigger educational institutional giants will be highly competitive since they have the investment capacity to build such initiatives. That’s where Aura Education and Aura Pathway adds value to your educational institution.


• No requirement of setting up an International University cell.
• No requirement of International University Tie ups.
• Your University can be Branded and Marketed as an institution which provides International Pathway to your students to the International institutions especially to the United States.
• We assist you to augment and increase your revenues.
• Transfer credit hours earned by the student at your institution to the US universities under your Master’s and Bachelor’s programs.
• Keep your revenues intact since we help you to monetise your credit transfer period.
• Compete with Bigger Larger brands in your respective geographies by offering value added, affordable programs to your students.


• Bring cohorts direct from Indian Educational Institutions.
• Bring down your dependency on agents who push expensive programs for expensive commissions.
• Augment your enrolments/admissions under your Bachelor’s & Master’s programs.
• Direct partnerships with Educational institution brings Quality students who then become quality alumni of your institution.
• Your cost of student acquisition comes down since you get admissions in bulk.
• Your Bachelor’s students will be Master’s prospective enrolments, tomorrow !!

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